The Supremes Greatest Hits Chapter 8 by Michael Trachtman

As the cases in Chapter 8 describe, the executive branch of our democracy has grown enormously over the years. The Presidency itself has also gained quite a bit of power. Draw on these cases and current events (the Trump or Obama presidencies, for instance) to make the case that either the Presidential powers today go too far, don’t go far enough or are just-right. Write three paragraphs for this response. You should include a recent news article or two in your response.


  • Value-Based Purchasing Presentation
  • Ethics and Medical Intervention
  • Define and explain the concept of Integrated Theories. Identify and discuss an Integrated Theory of Criminal Behavior. What is Early-Onset Delinquency. How can we stop it?
  • Current Issues in Multicultural Education: Writer can use from a list of articles
  • What do you know that you did not know before? What will stick with you? What new perspectives, approaches, and ideas do you have about multicultural education generally, but as it relates to your own professional life as a teacher?
  • Mario Bunges article: Technology as Applied Science. Read it carefully and explain: i. How does he define pure science, applied science and technology
  • multicultural competency?
  • The Supremes Greatest Hits Chapter 8 by Michael Trachtman
  • The Social Learning Theory of Crime: criminal behavior through the scope of a serial killer
  • The supremes greatest hits chapter 9 by michael trachtman and freedom of speech