the lord of the rings the fellowship of the ring

I will attach a word document where it explains what needs to be in the 2 pages. you have to choose a scene from that movie and talk about a term that i chose in the chapter and i will provide all the information regarding that term. It is a descriiption of the scene that you will choose. There are scenes that i will write, you can not do them because my partners chose them first and each one of us need a to choose a different one. Lastly, each member of the group will be responsible for locating an outside
source that deals with their topic or term. The outside source may be another communication textbook, a magazine, an academic journal, or even a video or podcast. These outside sources will be listed in a “works-cited” page as part of
your group’s paper. I chose the term group roles. talks about the types of roles. choose the scene and describe in a very detailed way and talk about the types of roles in the scene. The images that i will attach explains more about the term.
The scenes that you can not use are
– the first scene which is fight of elves and men
– You shall not pass scene
– Monster before mountain tunnel
– The scene where they meet at Elronds and they decide what to do with the ring
You can choose any other scene to talk about
1,2,3,and 4 are images of the term that you will talk about regarding the scene you will choose. I also attached the Film study project directions. If you have any questions please let me know and message me if you need any explanation. I will also attach a sample paper, it should not be that long if you want to see the part where they write about the scene and how they describe it in their paper, i will attach it just in case.

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