the ghetto- urban sociology

BACKGROUND:Essay 3 requires you to summarize and apply what you have learned about urban sociology. Remember,the essay takes the place of an exam. So, to do well on this essay, you will need to rely heavily on thematerials presented in class and in the readings.THE ASSIGNMENT:Based on your reading of Ghetto, and other materials we have covered in this course, your essay willoutline forces that influence the lives of those residing in ghettos and how the activities of people affectlife in the ghetto. You will accomplish this by answering the following questions:1. What political, economic, and cultural forces influence life in ghettos? In answering this question, youwill want to outline the economic and political forces that influenced people’s pursuit of livelihoodopportunities in the economy (both formal and informal). More specifically, you will want to discuss theeconomic, cultural and political factors that contributed to overall condition and the day to day lives ofthe residents.2. How do race, class, and gender differences play a role living in the ghetto? In answering this question,you will relate specific examples from the book on how differences in race, class, and gender influenceinteractions between different types of people. Are these differences causes of tension or sources ofunfairness? You will also describe how ideas about race and class influence outsider’s perceptions and,in turn, how those perceptions influence institutional ‘solutions’ to the perceived problems. Are thetactics used to address the (perceived) problems effective (or not)?3. How does space affect the life of the residents and the city? In answering this question, you will useevidence from the book to argue whether the people and their activities are positive or negativeinfluences on the life of the city as a whole. In other words, you will use specific evidence from the bookto evaluate whether outsiders’ negative perceptions of street people are accurate (or not).GRADINGyour essays will be graded based on the grading criteria listed on the Grading Link. Essays will be docked10 points per day late. I will only accept late essay assignments for full credit in the event of adocumented medical or family emergency. If you do encounter an emergency, you must notify me on orbefore Thursday of week 16. Documentation could include a note from a physician, hospital admittanceslip, or correspondence from an academic advisor or the Dean of Students.FORMATYour essay should be 4 pages long, not including your bibliography (a cover sheet is not necessary). Itshould be in 12-point font, double-spaced, and with 1 inch margins. Writing much less than 4 pages willhurt your grade. You must use the APA system for references. This system is described in the “APACitation Guide”, which is posted on Blackboard. You should cite your sources frequently, even if youkeep using the same source. Citing frequently is always better than plagiarizing. All direct quotes mustbe cited with a page number. Good essays have an introduction where you review what you will bedoing, a body where you discuss key points (the use of subheadings can help structure your essay), anda conclusion where you provide a brief review and a closing statement. This essay is an important part ofyour grade so devote adequate time to it. If you have trouble writing essays you can receive writingassistance at the University Writing Center (see syllabus for more information).Good Luck