The following is my proposal; however, you can revise it when you believe you ca

The following is my proposal; however, you can revise it when you believe you can do it better, but one point cannot be revised is the character who is from china. The reason why I do this is I want you to put emphasis of this paper on the risk diversified, my professor always says diversified, diversified. The reason why I choose you as my writer is that I read your previous work, you provide your financial suggestion and expectation, and then you provide bunch of data and calculation to prove what you believe in, so that is the main reason, it does not like other suck writer to do some tedious work, they just spend a majority words to introduce some common sense, what is nonsense! and cause the essay extremely boring and suck. So, I hope you can persist on your writing style on my essay. 
I have a little suggestion for this essay, when you diversified the risk, due to the special background of this character, you can make him invest the U.S stock market and Chinese stock market at the same time to reduce the variance and uncertainty, and this person needs to have risk -free investment (low but steady return) and risk investment (risky but high return). I hope you can choose the T-bill market fund in U.S side and Yu’E Bao(it is almost risk free product in China). If you don’t have confidence to do Yu’e Bao well, I can handle it by myself.
Personal Information:
Name: Xin Wang 
Age: 27
Level of education: master 
Profession:Business Analytic 
Salary:¥15k – ¥2.5k per month
Own: Honda Civil
Owe: None
Description: Yu Chen is a young teenager who works as a Business   analytic in Shanghai. He has a good education background, which helps him   find a decent job compared with most peers. However, Shanghai is a commercial   center with fierce competition and luxury consumption, which makes him still   feel anxious and tranquil about his future. That is the reason why he wants to make a financial planning so as to   minimize the cost when there are some risk incur.
The first financial problem: How to   choose the efficient approach to manage his own money.
The second financial problem: Working   under the drastic competition circumstance causes higher chance to get   serious illness. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to draw up a plan to   minimize the cost when it happened.
The third Financial problem: The aging is   another serious problem needs to be solved, especially in China, due to the   One-Child-Policy, China is going to suffer from the disastrous aftermath of   aging population. How to keep financial independence under this serious   situation should brought to the forefront by Yu Chen,

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