The financial implications of cyber security breaches on companies

Five-page expression of intent essay.Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting Sciences Financial IntelligencePotential areas for investigation: The financial implications of cyber security breaches on companiesRESEARCH FOCUS AREA: THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION (4IR) AND DEVELOPMENT FINANCEThe 4IR has had a significant impact on South Africa, Africa as well as internationally. It has impacted abroad spectrum of companies, industries and financial markets. It is also anticipated to have an even greater impact on various sectors, entities and financial markets in South Africa and globally.Cryptocurrencies have also had an impact on investments and financial services. However, cryptocurrencies are expected to significantly impact banks, particularly central banks.
Research outline• Personal motivation to pursue studies in this topic (maximum 60 words)• Topic• Short literature review (with in-text references using Harvard referencing style).• Please refer to the section on Recommended Reading – the research process and methodology, on how to buy a Unisa Library membership in order to access full text research articles (not all articles are Open Access).• The literature review should demonstrate, as a minimum that you have at least read the recommended articles for the specific focus area under which you are applying. Consulting free webpages (e.g. Wikipedia) and textbooks alone does not constitute an academic literature review. The literature review should also speak to your topic and the broad focus area that you are applying to.• Potential contribution of the study answering the question “What do you want to research?” For Ph.D. applications, please note that replication studies are not acceptable, i.e. investigating a phenomenon in Country/Province/Exchange X, when it has already been investigated in multiple domains, is not a theoretical contribution.• Research problem/research question/ research objective/ research aims to answer the question “Why do you want to do research on the topic?”• Proposed methodology answering the question “How are you going to achieve the above?”use Harvard Referencing method. No plagiarism. Please let me know if you have any questions.Recommended reading list:Brynjolfsson, E., & McAfee, A. 2017. The business of artificial intelligence. Harvard BusinessReview, 1-20.Campbell, T., Williams, C., Ivanova, O., & Garrett, B. 2011. Could 3D printing change the world.Technologies, Potential, and Implications of Additive Manufacturing, Atlantic Council, Washington, DC, 3.Li, S., Da Xu, L., & Zhao, S. 2015. The internet of things: a survey. Information Systems Frontiers,17(2), 243-259.Piekarski, W., Gunther, B., & Thomas, B. 1999. Integrating virtual and augmented realities in anoutdoor application. In Proceedings 2nd IEEE and ACM International Workshop on Augmented Reality (IWAR’99), 45-54. IEEE.Walczak, S. 2016. Artificial neural networks and other AI applications for business managementdecision support. International Journal of Sociotechnology and Knowledge Development (IJSKD), 8(4), 1-20.Westerman, G. McAfee, A. 2012. The Digital Advantage: How Digital Leaders Outperform TheirPeers in Every Industry. MIT Sloan School of Management., Y. 2018. Announcement effect of Blockchain investment on stock prices for FinancialCompanies. Retrieved from