The Fed- Federal Reserve

Sources to be used(Mandatory):1),The%20Fed%20Saved%20the%20Economy%20but%20Is%20Threatening%20Trillions%20of,Social%20Security%20and%20pension%20funds.
Sources to be used(Only 2 of the Following):a)
The ProPublica article presents a central theme that the FED is focusing on the present at the expense of the future. How? (a) By lowering interest rates the Fed increases home prices, benefiting current homeowners via increased equity, and also benefiting the housing industry which is a major source of jobs. (b) But low-interest rates negatively impact pension plan earnings and the ability to maintain future social security benefits. In your own words write a short APA discussion about the central theme presented in the ProPublica Article and its varying impact on the upper class, middle class, current homeowners, and current renters.