The blue wall of silence and “Blue Curtain”

The topic of the paper will be the blue wall of silence and “Blue Curtain” and how they affect the justice system and America as a country.
Please be neutral/unbiased in your tone and also use sources that are on the unbiased side.
The writing assignment should consist of a document typed in Microsoft Word. Submissions need to meet the minimum page requirements outlined within the instructions and meet APA formatting standards.
Requirements for the assignment:12 pt. font in Times New RomanDouble spacedTitle PageAbstractIn-text citationsReference page
Follow APA format strictly! The paper must meet all organizational and APA formatting standards.
Five to six full pages of content (not including title page, abstract page, and reference page).
Complete the assignment using a minimum of four sources, two of which must be scholarly (Wikipedia is not a valid source). Please cite all sources where applicable on the Reference page. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE (and provide proof you didn’t).