teens 13 yrs-19 dealing with Psychological Disorders

Hello this is a 10 page health research paper. The paper is to be 10 pages including the cover page and a references page, so technically 8 typed pagesIt must have at least 5 references with no more than 2 being from the internet. References must be 2012 or earlier.scholarly articles if used.The paper is to be typed double spaced only. The only font is Times New RomanThe only size font is 12Margins NORMALThis research paper topic is based off of pyschological disorders there are so many so its narrowed down to teens 13-19 yrs of age and the main stages they go through dealing with any. for example can stage how some children arent diagnosed with a condition or so like depression until they are teenages but have been dealing with it since younger but it got over looked.. that was a example things of that sort.