I will attach my previous essay to the order please read it and also rewrite a similar one like that ..instructions !!Reflect on what you have learned over the courseof this class.In a minimum of six paragraphs, address the following:Whattopic(s) in this course affected you the most?Whattype of learner are you? How will your learning style fit each of themodalities that WCU offers (face to face/fully online/blended)?Whatare your academic strengths and weaknesses?
Examples:test taking, writing papers, conducting research, using APA, time management,staying organized, using technology, understanding assignmentinstructions
How doyou plan on accentuating your strengths and working on your weaknesses?Whatare the benefits of working collaborativelyon interprofessional teams?Your paper must include the following in APA format:TitlepageIntroduction(one paragraph)Body(at least four paragraphs, including APA citations of at least onescholarly source)
Double-spaced,12 point Times New RomanClearmethod of organizationFocusedtopic sentencesTransitionsbetween paragraphs
Conclusion(one paragraph)Referencepage (include at least one scholarly source)