Stress in young children



Stress is part of everyday life for babies and young children that can have negative impacts if toxic. After reviewing the Unit 8 Readings and Resources, respond to the following in your initial post. Pay particular attention to the high-quality classrooms you observed in “No Small Matter” to address the following:

List examples of signs a young child may exhibit as a result of stress.
Describe an example of a young child who experienced stress. Your example can be an experience from an ECE setting, one that you experienced as a child, or an experience you have heard of. Please maintain privacy in your example by using fictitious names and places of employment, if appropriate.
How did you or how would you help the child in your example cope? What connections do you see to the Strengthening Families Protective Factors? If this is a personal childhood experience, did someone take steps to help you cope? If yes, what were those steps and if not, what would have helped you cope?

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