“Street Vendors: Harvest of Dreams” by Anna Pacheco

A response paper is a style of writing where the writer shares their reaction to a particular reading. In doing so, the writer must understand the text thoroughly and evaluate how well it accomplishes its goal—the author’s purpose for writing the text.B. Task/Focus: Choose only one of the texts below and discuss whether you agree or disagree with the author’s argument, while paying close attention to the following:* How is the work related to your experiences and ideas?* How is the subject of the text related to problems in our present -day world? (This is where you’ll need your outside source/s)* Did the text increase your understanding of the issue and did it change your perspective in any way?C. Sources: In addition to your chosen text, this assignment requires you to use 1-2 reliable outside sources. Your paper should include in-text citations from all sources used in your paper.