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National polls are often conducted by asking the opinions of a few thousand adults nationwide and using them to infer the opinions of all adults in the nation. Explain who is in the sample and who is in the population for such polls. Please use a poll from a newspaper, TV, a magazine, or from the Internet. Cite a source.
Part 2: Replies
RichardConducting a national poll on a topic is only as effective as the number of participants that displayed their opinion regarding the total amount of the eligible people to vote. For instance, if we were to ask ten people what they thought about the rain versus the sunny weather the results would most likely be biased depending on region. If we were to ask everyone in the country, then we could get a better depiction on how the people enjoy the weather and what type the most.
The poll that I chose to investigate was one conducted earlier this year in March. The poll was taken on which month was the most and least favorite amongst Americans? In this poll “15120 US adults” (Ballard, J. 2021. para.7) This was to ensure that there is enough data pulled from these individuals to clarify results. The poll concludes with the majority voting for October as the favorite month and January for the least favorite.

The sample is of over fifteen thousand US adults aged eighteen or older, and the amount of participants represent a significant number of the populations for the topic.
Polls are a popular way of gaining inference into the opinions of a large group of people. There will never be a poll that will be answered by 100% of a population, so it is important to ask as big of a group of people as possible so that more accurate predictions can be made about the beliefs of the rest of the population. In 2010, the Pew Research Center concluded that 67% of Americans believed that the government is not doing enough to combat man-made climate change. They determined this by asking almost 11,000 people (Tyson

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