SPSS assignment

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For this assignment you will complete an ANOVA.

A weight-loss researcher runs a study where he randomly assigns 100 participants to one of four conditions (“Program”): 1) exercise program, 2) a calorie restriction program, 3) a calorie restriction AND exercise program, or 4) a control group with no weight loss program. He wants to know if his programs are more or less effective than trying to lose weight without a specific program, and also which programs are more or less effective than others.
Use WeightLossPrograms.sav
to answer the following questions:

Run a one-way ANOVA (include Levene’s test for homogeneity of variances.) Report the obtained F and degrees of freedom (df) for the ANOVA.
What is the significance level (p-value) for this test?
What conclusion should the investigator draw on the basis of this test with regard to the null hypothesis if the alpha is set at .05?
Report the effect size ?2 for the ANOVA.
If necessary, conduct follow-up post-hoc comparisons using Tukey’s. If statistical differences exist at alpha .05, specify which pairs of conditions differ.

Submit your answers to #1-5 in a Word document. Please upload your file to Blackboard using the Attach File option.

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