Spinal Rehabilitation & Treatment

Students will write and submit a typewritten (double spaced) hypothetical research study related to their concentration area. The paper will include a brief review of literature embedded in the introduction section, methodology for conducting the hypothetical study, results from a statistical analysis based on hypothetical data, and conclusions. Please note that the statistical analysis should be one we covered in class. Specific requirements for each section are described below.§ Introduction (1-2 pages): The introduction is the section in which a rational for the hypothetical study is established. This section should begin with a general overview of the theory related to the topic of interest. Additionally students will write an integrated review of literature based on five to eight published research studies (not theses, dissertations or review articles) related to the topic of interest with similar variables as the hypothetical study. At the end of the introduction, students should state the rationale for further study (gap in literature, area of controversy), purpose of their hypothetical investigation, and research hypothesis.§ Methods (1-2 pages): The design of the hypothetical study is described in the methods section. You should include four paragraphs with the following sub-headings: Participants, Instrumentation, Procedures and Research Design. The first paragraph should address characteristics of the participants in the study. The next paragraph describes the instruments used to collect the data and/or implement the intervention. A chronological step by step account of the procedures for administration of the treatment and collection of the data should be provided in the third paragraph. This section concludes with a final paragraph describing the research design of the study, definition/labeling of independent and dependent variables, and statistical treatment of data and pre-determined alpha level.§ Results (1-2 pages): In this section output from the statistical treatment of data is presented in table form (see sample tables posted on Canvas for 10/19/21) and in text written as a “statement of finding”. Additionally, the SPSS data file (hypothetical raw data spreadsheet) should be emailed to the professor as an attachment on the day the paper is due. Please note that you should have at least 10 subjects in each study group.§ Conclusions (1 page): This section includes an explanation of the findings, as well as a discussion of how findings from the hypothetical study relate to existing theory and specifically to the research articles presented in the introduction section. Finally, implications for daily practice are stated at the end of this section.§ References: All sources / research studies cited in your paper should be listed in APA format. Sample reference format is provided in the document “Considerations for Writing Papers”