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Specific Assessment Component GuidelinesAssessment description: Scenarios 1 &2 Evaluations produce reports following scenario evaluations see belowAssessment Assessment Assessment I Assesses module Component: weighting: limits: i learning outcome’s:CW1I 70%Last submission Date/Time:By 04.07.18 21.00 hrs UK time Detailed guidance: Scenario -1See Below1 2, 3Provisional feedback released:15 working days laterHigh Flyers Limited (“HFL”) is a UK company based in the South East and employs 150 staff in the manufacture and wholesale of high quality handmade gymnastics wear and associated products. The product range includes costumes, bags, footwear, exercise mats and cosmetics.HFL sells 60% of its products to the UK sports retailers, exports 35% to the USA and Canada and 15% directly to the sports clubs via its own website. The gross profit margin for sales to UK sports retailers is low and they take up to 90 days to pay their invoices. Themajority of website sales to clubs are for personalised costumes which are ‘special orders’ produced to the customer’s requirements.There are around 6 other companies in the UK who manufacture similar products to HFL and many hundreds who compete in the lower quality fashion market. The average selling price for HFL is £65, whereas the lower quality rivals average price is £25. HFL promotes its products on the basis of high quality materials and is well known for its handmade long lasting costumes.Sales of gymnastics wear in the UK is rising particularly in the quality end of the market due to the popularity of the sport following a number of sporting initiatives supported by the UK Government.