Spare Parts by Joshua Davis

Read a book selected from the list below and write a book report of 4-6 pages in length, following the
submission guidelines for written work outlined earlier in the project (double-spaced, double-sided for
the book report). It should be clearly organized, not just a rambling discussion. Do not write a
summary of the book’s theme(s) or plot. In your report at a minimum discuss:
– if you learned anything from the book
– how the book has affected your thinking, behaviors, or perspectives
– if the tone, setting, or voice of the book enhanced or detracted from its message
– if any parts of the book dragged, seemed like filler, otherwise added nothing to the book or
even detracted from its message, or if it was a tight, concise, satisfying read, and
– ultimately, whether you would recommend the book to others and why.