Space Exploration Research Paper

Each individual student will write a 4-page essay over the topic and the country they have picked discussing the environmental issues, technology transfer and appropriate technology of that topic. The topic I choose is space exploration in France. The essay will explore environmental issues, technology transfer, and appropriate technology within their country.
Research Paper Guidelines:It must follow accepted APA guidelines. If you are unsure of what is expected, I suggest that you go to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) for guidelines on references and formatting. Here are links to a sample APA Research Papers that you can use as a reference: should also meet the guidelines stated in the syllabus. These are:· The paper must be typed using 12 pt font, with 1 inch margins, double spaced using Arial or Times New Roman.· The header will be located on the first page; it will be left justified beginning on line one. The header will include the title of the paper and page number.· Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling, are a must.· Whenever the content involves a list of any kind, bullets should be used, unless a rank order is needed and then numbered items will be used. (Use the bulleting and numbering tool available in your word processor).· The body or text of this paper will be no less than four pages in length, excluding photos, the cover page, and the reference page.· The paper will have no fewer than five correctly cited references. References should be journal or educational references. Stay away from .com as must as possible.· Technological topics for the research papers can readily be found in a variety of publications. Just a few examples include the textbook, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, and books.· No abstract required.· All assignments to be submitted through SafeAssign.· Students will not have over 35% of copied matter when checked by Safeassign. (please check this without Reference page first)Presentation Guidelines:· Each student must participate in the presentation.· There should be audio or video with audio (YouTube link would be best) for each student with their section of the presentation. (online version only, in-person will be presented in-person.)· To use YouTube to create video of the presentation, student will need to have an account to create their video. Please make it private unless you want it shared with the world.· The presentation should be attention grabbing as well as informative. Not just a bunch of words on a slide.· The presentation should have three countries covering a single chapter topic with the discussion of environmental issues, technology transfer and appropriate technology.· No slide requirement. Enough slides to cover the topic but do not make the slides too crowded.· The presentation should have a reference slide to site the sources of information.· The presentation should look and sound professional.· Suggestion to use Google Slides to help with working as a group with distance. (Online sections)· Submit as a PowerPoint presentation for me to grade in Blackboard.· Presentation should be 10-15 mins in length. (timer for the whole presentation)