Sociological Concept to current event

Write a 3-4 page (700-1000 words) paper in which you apply sociological concepts from class to current events. Concepts, current events, and sources are below.Using 2 concepts from class, offer a sociological explanation of one of the current events listed on the last pageFirst, you should summarize your chosen event using only one of the articles provided on the last page. Identify the major problem and describe, in your own words, the events that lead to the topic at hand. This portion of the assignment should take up no more than one page.You must explicitly state the title of the article, the author, and BOTH concepts used in the introduction.You must include in-text citations and a Works Cited or References page!Use ASA citation. For reference, go to:
ASA Style Citations go to the Writing Center.Here is the ASA citation format for lecture material:In text citation: (Professor’s Last Name and Year).For example: (Wright 2021).Works cited page: Last Name, First Name. Year. “Title of Lecture.”For example: Wright, Lisa-Marie. 2021. “Gender Socialization.”Excessive headings will not be counted toward page count (refer to word count requirements)LIST OF POSSIBLE CONCEPTS*:Durkheim-related: Consensus perspective; Social solidarity; Collective conscience; Collective effervescence; AnomieMarx-related: Conflict perspective; Class stratification; Base and superstructure (Historical Materialism); Class conflict; Exploitation; Cultural hegemonyBourdieu-related: Capital configuration and Capital conversion (the relationships among social capital, economic capital, and cultural capital)Microsociology: Looking glass self; Symbolic interactionism; Impression management; Roles/TeamsOther Concepts from Reading and Lecture: Social structure and agency; Social construction; Privilege (SPECIFY race, gender, class, age ability); Structural/Institutional discrimination; Micro-aggressions; Intersectionality; Gender and sexuality: Gender constructionism; Gender essentialism; Stalled revolution; Leisure gap; Gender ideology; Gender strategy; Hegemonic Masculinity/femininity; Gender socialization; Glass ceiling; Self-fulfilling prophecy; Gender identity (Genderqueer; Cisgender; Transgender; Intersex; Non-binary); Sexual desire; Sexual behavior; Sexual identity; Neoliberalism*If you would like to use a concept not on this list, consult your GTA.CURRENT EVENTS AND SOURCES:You MUST choose one of the following seven topics and use the source(s) linked below for information on the issue. Read the relevant article, then provide a sociological interpretation of the situation using concepts from class. PDF versions of the articles are also available on Blackboard.
The U.S. is more racially diverse than ever. Will people of color unify politically?
I Was Told To Hide My Gender Nonconformity. My Photography Helped Me Break Free
Racial Inequities Persist in Health Care Despite Expanded Insurance
COVID-19 highlights inequities in education during pandemic
Latina and Black women lost jobs in record numbers. Policies designed for all women don’t necessarily help
Finding childcare has always been hard for US workers. Today, it’s harder
Staggering US wealth inequality heaps long-term harm on to minority children
Second, start to think like a sociologist! Using 2 sociological concepts from class, try to explain why the event occurred and why the event is considered important to society from a sociological perspective. You should introduce and briefly define the concepts you are using according to the definitions provided in class and in assigned readings. Then apply them to your chosen topic. Use the source articles for information.