Social Change (specifically reproductive rights) and Funtionalism

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This paper posits that the social function of abortion access/rights in the United States has been manipulated by politicians and political groups into being a means to galvanize voters. With the overturning of Roe v Wade the 2022 congressional midterms have been dominated by talk of reproductive rights. Just as Trump used the overturning Roe v Wade to rally support in 2016 and 2020 Democrats now use the inverse to hold their best polling numbers since President Biden’s election. A common critique of functionalism is its shortcomings when accounting for social change. How could conflict and change contribute to society’s equilibrium? Using the functionalist theory this essay will attempt to synthesize the contributing role change plays in a functioning government.
Using the lens of Durkheim’s Functionalist theory, the law would be defined as a social fact. But what of the law when it is not consistent? How can a true equilibrium be achieved if there is constant social change. Institutions use social facts to provide the space for society to function and social change is just a product of said fact that allow people to keep society functioning. True societal equilibrium is not just order. Institutions need social change to give their participants the illusion of control. Institutions are able to keep existing because people use social change as a means to keep them relevant.