Social and Organizational Psychology

Question: Using social psychology theory and reseach, explain and discuss what advice you would give a country’s government to iensure the population complies with its Covid 19 vaccination programme. ? No policical stands allowed. Sources must be academicjournal articles andpsychology journals, reports books etc. Write an evidence based paper discussing how a social psychologist can explain how youwould best ensure the population complies with its covid 19 Vaccination programme. Paper should be written as an appropriatlysturctured essay includding relvant literature and social pyschology theory and evidence of social identity theory locial learningtheory, social norms , group conformity and obedience and potentially other relevant works. Do not dwell on Economic or political aspeces of covid vaccinations. Relevant Social psychological processes should be the main concern of your paper. Do not just list the theoris and it is not just compairing them. Start with 200 word introduction, outlining what is going to be in the main part of the assignment, this is not just a list, in the introuduction. Start with broad theories for the introduction. Mian body: Go into miniTheories. explain particular behaviours throught the broad theories lens. explain mini theories. Then go to Focal concept. Gointo more detail on a particular aspect of the mine Theory (i.e Positive/Negative sterotypes.) It is not compairing Social Learning with Social Identity this is not the assignment.You might want to look at How and can governments ensure conformity of groups. How can governments ensure obedience ofgroups How and can governement change sociietal norms. How do groups learn new social norms. How do groups learn toconform. How are groups or individudls who do not conform viewed by others. You mus write in a high academic standard. Show knowledge of relevant theories and concepts relevant to Social Psychology. Use Peer reviewed published literature. Present work with evidence base. Construct a coherent and persuasive paper which is cleary structured and logical. Referencing is veryimportant and nearly every sentence will be referenced. No personal opinions, you will be deducted marks if you are notreferencing enought. If you refer to a study you must credit and name the study. APA style 7 Max 1800 words. 200 for introduction 200 for conclusion, remember no new material introduced in the conclusion. 1400 words in the main body of the assignment.