does it allow the user to do? What is the difference between troubles and issues as envisioned by C. Wright Mills?What is the difference between macro-level analysis and micro-level analysis as it is carried out by sociologists? When sociologists do research, the data (facts, information) they gather can be characterized as one of two types of data. What are these two types? Chapter 2: You will need to understand each of the three main sociological perspectives: What are they? How does each perspective seek to understand and describe society? What does each perspective consider to be important? What does each one look for? What are some of the main concepts that each perspective employs to describe and understand society? Who are the main theorists who first started using each one of these perspectives? That is, whose name is associated with each of the perspectives? Which perspectives are micro-level and which are macro-level? Which early sociologists were concerned with what holds societies together? What were their answers? That is, what factors did they think held society together and what did they name these factors? Chapter 3: What do sociologists mean when they talk about culture? That is, what is included in their definition? When we look at cultures other than our own, we tend to look at them in one of two general ways. What are those ways and what are the terms that are used to describe the two ways? What is the name that sociologists have given to practices (ways of doing things) that are found in every culture? Sociologists have described and named types of cultures from the earliest times to the present. You should know the main characteristics of each of these types and the inventions or discoveries that led to the transition to the next type. Chapter 4: What are the major concepts and ideas of Charles Horton Cooley and George Herbert Mead? What are they known for? Show that you understand the main points of their thinking/writing. Be sure to be able to recognize examples of these concepts and ideas. 1. Define each of the following terms and describe how they differ from the other terms in the list: socialization, re-socialization, and anticipatory socialization. Be sure to be able to recognize examples of these concepts and ideas []