Should the 25 year rule be lifted for importing vehicles.

Goal: In this paper, you will come to an informed position through careful research and present that position in a carefully reasoned and documented paper.Details of Assignment1. Choose a topic that interests you and develop a research question for it.2. Develop a research strategy and begin researching.3. As you move through the research process, keep careful notes on each source that you plan to use in your paper; in these notes, include the MLA citation for the source, a summary of the source, important paraphrases and quotes, and your own analysis and observations (be sure to cite as you go along).4. After a good amount of research and planning, write a draft that you get someone to review (me, a writing coach, a friend, etc.).5. Write a final draft of the paper and turn it in by the deadline.The Writing PrinciplesPurpose: You must provide a thesis that clearly states your position on the topic of your choice; throughout the paper, you must make it clear to the reader how you arrived at your positionOrganization: Organize your paper with clear topic sentences and transitions; choose a clear method of organizing your paper: order of importance or chronological order are both good choices.Development: Provide details from sources in the form of quotes, paraphrases, and summaries, as well as thoughtful analysis of each source combined with your own observations and thoughtsGrammar: Edit and proofread closely. Look for comma errors and obvious typos. Your writing should be polished when you turn it in.Conciseness: Make every word count. Use strong verbs. Avoid repetition. Remember all of the exercises we have done this semester!Format: Choose either MLA or APA formatBelow is an outline of how to arrange and develop the paper:The IntroductionProvide context for your paper by using one of the following methods of introductionTell a story that highlights the problems presented in your paper (this can be a personal story or one from your research); consider returning to the story in the conclusionProvide a history of your topicProvide important definitions related to your topicIn the last sentence of your introduction, write a thesis that clearly explains your position on your topicBody ParagraphsBegin each body paragraph with a topic sentence that develops your thesis (for example, “One convincing area of research involves the experiences of children bullied in school.”)After the topic sentence, provide a cited source (either a summary, paraphrase, or quote) that develops your topic sentence (for instance, “Joe Smith, in a personal interview, describes his experience with bullies in school.”Spend one or two (or more sentences) summarizing or paraphrasing that sourceFollow up in two or more sentences with your analysis of the source (focus on why it is convincing)Bring in another source (or return to the first source)Repeat the above processWhen you move to a new paragraph, include a transition with your topic sentence (for instance, (“While the personal experiences of children are convincing in and of themselves, the experiences of school officials provide important context, as well.”)Then, repeat the above steps for this paragraph.Keep this process going until you have fully supported your positionConclusionSummarize your paper (position, major points)Return to something you addressed in your intro and use it to wrap up your paperImportant NotesThis is not an informative paper; you must take a position and support your position through careful research and analysis (this is your PURPOSE).You should ORGANIZE the paper around the supporting points for your position; integrate the sources in the body paragraphs as support and development; begin with an introduction and thesis statement; end with a conclusion that summarizes your position.DEVELOP the paper with effective use of multiple sources, as well as details, examples, and analysis of your own.Pay attention to GRAMMAR and obvious errors as you proofread before submitting the final version.Be CONCISE. Use strong verbs and avoid repetition. Make every word count.Follow MLA guidelines for in-text citation and the Works Cited page.What to Submit by the DeadlineYou will turn in all of the following as separate files under this assignment. Just use the resubmit button to keep submitting additional documents. Please don’t turn these in as one, long document!A record of your brainstorming session(s) in the prewriting phase. Please label the file “brainstorming session 4.”A copy of your outline(s). Please label the file “outline 4.”A copy of your first draft. Please label the file “first draft 4.”A summary of the feedback you got on the first draft (the summary should address who looked at it and what they told you about it, as well as an explanation of how you incorporated that feedback). Please label the file “feedback 4.”A copy of your final draft. Please label the file “final draft 4.”