should humans colonize other planets

Argumentative Essay Rubric1.Take your stand on one of the debatablesocial, economic, or moral issues.Choosethe topic you care about. Remember: You are not presenting both sides of theargument but try to talk a reader into your points of view.2.Think of the three (four, five) reasons/mainpoints/ arguments that back up your stand.3.Freewrite/ brainstorm/ cluster on the chosentopic and come up with a preliminarythesis.4.Start research, using reliable sources only(.gov, .edu only).5.Read your sources and highlight/ circle/box/ save facts, examples, testimonies you may use in your paper. Remember: itis an argumentative essay, so it musthave a solid support. Do not use general phrases because they are notconvincing. Instead, use a lot ofstatistics, examples, and expert opinions.6.Add you own voice to the paper. Conductinterviews on the topic of your choice. Interview at least 50 (fifty) people ofall ages: classmates, family members, relatives, friends. Reflect your findingsin the paper.7.Make sure to include the opposing point ofview in your paper and concede its strength, so your readers see you as a fairperson. Then try to refute acounterpart, finding logical errors of the opposing side and proving that youropinion is valid.8.The paper should have five (5) entire pages plus Works Cited page (total 6 pages) and atleast five (5) quality sources.