Shoreside Community-Based Residential Facility

Scenario: Shoreside Community-Based Residential Facility
Shoreside would like your company to provide consultation in their unit for adults with traumatic brain injury. Shoreside management and staff have expressed a concern over increasing rates of disruptive behavior during community outings and have had little success with their current interventions. They believe they may need assistance with staff training and behavior management techniques.
The company uses some Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with their clients but has never used ABA at an organizational level. The Director recently learned about Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) and wants to know more about how basic concepts of ABA could be used at Shoreside. The Director of Shoreside believes this would be an effective way to address the problems within the organization.
You have been tasked with conducting a preliminary assessment using the first few steps of the problem-solving model: Pinpointing and Measurement, as well as providing an overview of what the process will look like at Shoreside.
Provide an overview of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM):Define and describe OBM.Identify and describe at least one specific application of OBM that is applicable to the above organization.Provide an overview of the problem-solving process:Describe the steps of a behavior analytic problem-solving model for organizations according to Daniels (2016).Identify the role that individuals within organizations hold in relation to the successful planning and implementation of interventions.
Describe how problems are prioritized and addressed.Define and describe fundamental principles of behavior and provide examples of how this is applied on an organizational level. Use non-technical language, when possible, so that all those attending the meeting understand your discussion:Reinforcement and punishment1. Define positive and negative reinforcement and punishment.2.Provide organizational examples of staff behavior for these principles.3. Conduct a PIC/NIC analysis for one staff behavior using the following information:Shoreside Observation # 1 – 10/10/10, 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.; Location: Grocery Store Community OutingFive clients were taken into a grocery store with 2 staff members and a group leader. One client started engaging in grabbing items off the shelf and yelling. Staff member #1 immediately yelled at the client, which is not the correct protocol reviewed by the behavior analyst prior to the outing. The Group Leader saw this and then turned away and began talking to Staff member #2. Staff member #2 gave attention to another client for asking to look at items before picking them up. The Group Leader was observed to be holding his phone and scrolling through social media throughout the remainder of the outing.
ABC (PIC/NIC) AnalysisProvide one example of a PIC/NIC analysis for Shoreside utilizing the following table in your presentation to organize the information.
4. Identify 1 pinpoint for change at Shoreside and identify the measurement to be used~Include an operational definition for the staff behavior to be changed.~Describe how behavior will be measured by selecting a measurement type, i.e., frequency, duration, etc. and how the data will be collected.
5. Introduce the next steps in the problem-solving process:~Provide a general overview of the problem-solving process~Include a research question related to a potential intervention based on the pinpoint identified.~ Describe why using a behavior analytic approach on all levels of the organization is preferred over a non-scientific approach and how the principles of ABA can be used to improve performance in organizations.


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