Set up a fictitious business of your own and take the perspective of the Chief Executive Officer to reflect on the dimensions of business ethics/corporate social responsibility (CSR) of your company.

1) Briefly describe your company (your industry, your mainproduct and/or services, the scope and size of your operations).2) Discuss the range of ethical/CSR issues and unique challengesthat your company faces.3) Identify your company’s stakeholders and their varyinginterests.4) Discuss how your company goes about managing ethical issues,CSR activities, and stakeholder interests in practice. Please provideexamples for each to illustrate your points.5) Create a short position statement for the management of yourcompany outlining your overall CSR strategy. What types of activitiesfall within your CSR strategy and what types of activities areexcluded? Why?6) Discuss the potential implications (positive or negative) ofyour approach.