SELECT appropriate documentation style for page layout, place entries in alphabetical order, and use hanging indents (Google how to create a hanging indent)

AssignmentDescription:·READ sources 1 & 2 (Tomas Elemans “The inspiring truth infiction”. & Megan Schmidt “How Reading Fiction Increases Empathy and EncouragesUnderstanding ).·IDENTIFY if you want to use APA or MLA documentation.·CREATE MLA or APA page layout for document design·CREATE a standard order for each entry (citation information,summary paragraph, analysis paragraph (repeat)).·SELECT appropriate documentation style for page layout, placeentries in alphabetical order, and use hanging indents (Google how to createa hanging indent)·WRITE a summary paragraph. Indent the first line of the summaryis indented half an inch.oStart each summary paragraph with a topic sentence thatincludes author andarticle title. If thereis no author, it will reference the article or website name.§Examples:·(MLA) In the article, “Rioting, Looting Linked to George Floyd Protests Leaves Trailof Destruction Across American Cities,” Greg Norman reports on the protests happeningnationwide, arrests, vandalism, and unrest as a result of George Floyd’s death.·(APA) According to Holly Yan and Christina Maxouris (2020) in theirarticle, “Police andprotesters unite to grieve George Floyd’s death while violent instigators sparknew clashes,” protestors and police were standing together to grieve theloss of George Floyd while investigators were examining the individuals behindthe rioting and its impact.oWrite summary in objective, written from a third personperspective. The summary paragraph should highlight the main ideas from thesource. Exclude your personal opinions of the text from this paragraph. (Nopersonal pronouns or second person voice “you” in summary.)oAim for 6-12 sentences.·WRITE a critical analysis paragraph. Indent the first line of theanalysis paragraph half an inch.oStart analysis paragraph with a topic sentence thatidentifies the credibility and relevancy of the source.oAnalyze the body paragraph by§commenting on the quality of the source, its writing, andthe qualifications of the writer.§evaluating both the writing style (tone, rhetoricaltriangle, reading difficulty, organization of ideas, etc.),§analyzing the ideas presented by the author (includingerrors/strengths in logic; problems/strengths with evidence; qualifications ofthe author).§commenting on how the source’s genre affects its languageand presentation§address how the article relates to specific coursequestions.oAim for 6-12 sentences.