Science Communication Project

Then, the first paragraph is to choose five professional words to explain in your own words (100 words); the second paragraph is Describe, in layperson terms the research and results that were reported on in the article you chose (500 words), The third paragraph is Provide, in layperson terms, a convincing, thoughtful, and detailed argument for why this research deserves more government funding. (200 words) The fourth paragraph is There are many proposed telescopes that are planned to be built or are already built but are not yet operational. These telescopes promise to make our ability to study the universe better. In this section, provide a commentary on how a proposed telescope may impact the field of astronomy you summarized in section C, with a specific mention of your topic. Be sure to state the telescope you are referencing, and how it will contribute to research related to your section C. (150 words) The last paragraph is a reference in APA format.