Rough draft

Rough Draft Summary Essay
Please submit the rough draft of your Summary Essay here. Your rough draft is graded on the following elements:

Page limit: Your rough draft will lose 15 points for each 1/3 of a page it is under the 2 page requirement. Your essay may go over two pages, but it shouldn’t be too long (a summary should be significantly shorter than the original). The Works Cited page does NOT count towards your page limit.
Organization: Your rough draft must include an introduction, at least 4 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Review the Summary Essay Prompt for more details.
Formatting: Your rough draft must be written in correct MLA format with a Works Cited page to earn full credit. You can lose up to 25 points on the rough draft for formatting errors. Use the resources in the MLA Format tab on eCampus for info on how to set up your essay. The formatting of your citation in the Works Cited does NOT need to be perfect for this rough draft, but I should see a clear attempt to create your Works Cited. Here is a link to the published article to help with citing. 
Title: In general an essay should have an original title. You should NOT title the essay the same as the article. For this assignment, however, you can use a basic title like Summary of “How Does Our English Change the Way We Think?” or you may come up with something shorter that captures your main idea.

Please note that I do not deduct points for errors in content or grammar in the rough draft, but you should still attempt to write your draft as clearly and correctly as possible. This is an opportunity for you to make errors and receive feedback so you can improve the final draft. The rough draft is factored into your minor writing assignments grade so it does not weigh as heavily as the final draft of your essay. Make sure to review the grading rubric for the final draft as you revise.