Roe v. Wade

This research paper is meant to pose an ethical dilemma in a real-life issue that was faced by the Federal Government. As you write this paper, you will use multiple sources for the facts necessary to blend with the analytical and communicative skills you have mastered during this semester thus far. This paper is meant to challenge you to seek a solution to a dilemma which may clash with both your personal and social biases, but that can also be resolved by the use of higher-order critical thinking based upon the widest possible geopolitical view, and careful selection of the means to communicate your solution to other parties in crisis. I recommend that you research and understand the court case before choosing it as your topic. You will need to summarize and analyze the court case in your paper, including the judges’ opinions and dissents. You will then need to create an argument outlining your opinion of the case. Do you agree with the Supreme Court’s decision? Why or why not? When explaining your argument, do not use first person and please use facts to support your stance. You will need to cite your sources and your sources must also include other Supreme Court cases.