Revision of proposal

Use simple English. Including citations. look clear and easy to understand. Revise the word document based on the requirement below. You should upload a revision for the original word document.
Revision Requirement: You did not include an original subject title. Instead of listing the prompt, please include a business proposal of your own. It is unclear exactly what company you’re representing in this proposal, and there’s not enough context for those unfamiliar with the topic. Your memo also did not provide sound reasons and rationale to establish the need for change, nor did it provide evidence to back your argument up. Your proposal lacked an estimated budget and did not address the anticipated concerns, objections, and counter-arguments of your audience. I also encourage all of my students to download Grammarly to help with sentence-level and tense errors. In the future, please review the syllabus before completing the assignment to make sure you’ve met the majority of its basic requirements.
1. explains how the product/service/idea will work and/or solve a problem2. presents a solid, concrete plan for how the vision will be achieved (including what will occur after development)3. addresses audience concerns and anticipates counterarguments and objections4. uses persuasive strategies effectively (logos, pathos, ethos)