review two sections

please comment on this two sections 150 words foe each section.
1. Planning is a significant factor to make an inclusive environment to teach and support fulfilling children’s developmental skills so teachers play a pivotal to make education standards. Moreover, to make a school able to deliver high aspects of educations, equity and efficiency improvement is dependent on highly skilled educators who have resources, knowledge and confidence is perform best. Further, self-evaluation and monitoring of teaching skills is a central point to make teaching effective in a school and it is a continuous process to make teaching interesting. In teacher evaluation process mainly concentrate on the activity of teaching such as planning and preparation, the classroom environment and performance. the purpose of this process is to improve the lacking areas in the teaching they found. Also, this process is not achieved in isolation while the school system, society, and other factors of school are designed for teacher evaluation policy. Improvement in teaching methods helps teachers to perform better in the classroom so in this way teachers can achieve the goals which are designed for the development of the school. Even though, the accountability function of teacher evaluation is focused on performance-based career advancement and giving bonuses and incentives according to their job performance. (Teacher evaluation – OECD 2009). There are numerous challenges that every childcare and teacher are facing while working with children with exceptionalities. firstly, lack of funding and resources are the main reason here so lack of funding led the cause of lack of teaching aids which are essential in teaching. secondly, teachers who have a lack of experience to deal with children with disabilities make obstacles in the path of learning. Moreover, teachers are not aware of the activities which are good for all students is another challenge in teaching. moreover, patience is another factor to deal with children with exceptionalities because often children are aggressive by behaviour but some teachers cannot manage their behaviour. Also, children with severe disabilities such as hearing impairment, vision impairment and language delays are the more challenging tasks for teachers so they need a special degree to teach those students. Eventually, above mention challenges can be reduced by more funds to provide great infrastructure, teaching aids, high-level educators and small classrooms with few numbers of children. (Ramos, 2009).
2.1) I believe that the obvious answer for this is that it further incentivises such a practice. If educators recieve paid time for planning based on observation, self-reflection, and staff meetings, then it changes the structure around which education is practiced. Rather than this being something that is instead simply a bonus some educators would do for their students, it would grow to reflect the standard of the field. If something is officiated, and funded within the field, that means that it is something those employed within the field should be doing.
Self-reflection in particular can be extremely important for fostering a solid learning environment. It creates a good foundation upon which the teachers are able to build their lessons, and allows them the humility to make changes where they are needed in order to support their students. In turn, it creates a collaberative atmosphere, where educators can freely communicate between one another, taking aspects from one-another’s styles, and working toward the common goal of education. (A. Spalding, 2020)
The challenges associated with this are generally that the field of education has become an institution which values the results of the students above all else. On paper, some would argue that this is a good thing, as it would mean that students are being taught to succeed. In truth, however, what the education system actually teaches students to do is memorize and recite.
In this environment, which is obsessed with results, the idea to fund a practice which would mainly be based in the growth of the teachers would be unheard of. This is due to the short-sighted idea that being a teacher is a simple job, which is easy to replace. To schools, a teacher is not someone who needs to do anymore than instruct, and planning their lesson beyond instruction is a waste. (Blog Master, 2016)

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