Research proposal for a Systematic Literature Review in Physio.

Task 1. Early stages of a Systematic Literature Review in Physiotherapy.
We need to decide the topic together ( a systematic literature review not been done in the last 5 years).Also, we need to ensure that we have at least 10 relevant studies available (RCT would be the best of course).
I’m looking for a reliable writer.
My favourite subjects are: (They have to be connected to physiotherapy somehow) but I’m open to suggestions as it’s also about finding the gap in the literature and something relevant.
1. Veganism2. Benign prostatic hyperplesia3. Spirituality4. LGBTQ community5. Epididymal cysts6. Sympathetic nervous system7.Bikram Yoga8.Men Health9.Clinical herbalism10. Fasting11.Varicocele
Task 2. Will be a different order and we need to answer the following questions:
– Give a brief description of the aspect of practice you want to evidence:– Why do you think this is important?– How did you identify this topic?– Write your search question– Identify Key words for your search including the use of Boolan Operators (AND, OR, NOT). Consider using PICO (population targeted, intervention/innovation, comparator, outcome) or SPICE (Setting, Perspective, Intervention, Comparison, Evaluation)– Identify inclusion/exclusion criteria– Identify databases to search including relevant websites