research paper intro and conclusion with revised pro con list

Assignment:A. Type up an Introduction with an opening strategy (OS) that grabs the readers attention using a story based example (PE, OPE, HYPO, CS, or HYPO/COMBO) that also sheds light a particular facet of the your strongest position point or most powerful problem. End the Intro with the Thesis Statement. (Limit 1 to 2 paragraphs)B. Revise the Pro / Con List, based upon notes from your professor. If you have received full credit for your Pro / Con List with no notes, simply cut and paste it into this document.C. Type up a Conclusion that revisits the opening strategy story based example. (Limit to 1 paragraph)Note: Please submit your document with your last name first. (Example: Schilf-Research-Paper-Intro-ProConList-Conclusion.pdf)