Research: Black Like Me

  1. Come up with a major question about said text regarding an analytical purpose.
  • Black Like Me Book by John Howard Griffin
  • Example of research thesis: Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly is an album that challenges the structures
    and expectations of rap and jazz while presenting the artists’ reckoning with a society that continues to remain
    prejudiced against Black people in systemic and personal ways
  1. Subtopics and sub-questions you will develop within your research paper (refer to prompt for further
    instruction on sub-topics/sub-questions).
    •Provide evidence to support your thesis in a logical, developed manner.
    •Sub-topics are simply more specific discussions that help support your thesis claim. Sub-questions are those
    topics in question form if you so choose.
    •For your thesis, consider multiple sub-topics addressing even more specific issues, such as:
    •How will this research help to understand my text’s historical/social/emotional point?
    •What is the major impact of my text? How does it affect its reader/viewer/listener?
    •What is the benefit of assessing my chosen text?
    •Synthesize the information gained from sources to understand them and explain them to the reader.
    •Only including quotes/examples shows you’re relying on the sources to speak for you.
  2. Some academic information/facts/quotes (from your primary or secondary sources) you have researched so
    far that apply to your topic.
  3. What you hope to achieve from doing research on your chosen text (besides a good grade).

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