Religion as Salvation or Trickery

Discussion Question:Topic: “Religion as Salvation or Trickery
I have long argued that not every student comes to a class to learn. This is because education is usually a difficult (painful) process that requires a student to think for themselves and take full, personal responsibility to move from darkness (ignorance) to light (enlightenment). So, instead, many students take a class only to earn a grade (preferably an “A”) and will blame the professor, their circumstance, or everyone else for their failure.The movement from darkness to light is addressed in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.”
Your assignment is to watch this brief video and respond to the following questions:
1. Why is it usually difficult to convince people that sometimes what they think they know about religion (for or against it) is caused not by their free will but by mere trickery (or illusion) caused by others?2. So far, what have you learned in this course that would support the notion that human beings are sometimes manipulated by “puppet masters” (religious leaders, pastors, preachers, politicians, movie makers, musicians, etc.)?3. How much have you learned about yourself and what could be happening to your mind (or way of thinking)?4. What should a person do to avoid being tricked?
VideoPlato’s Allegory of the Cave – Alex Gendler