Reducing Hindrance Stressors


One method of managing stress is finding a way to reduce the hindrance stressors encountered in your life (typically at your job, but in your case school related examples may be more stressful/relevant). Fill in the two to three most negative stressors you are experiencing. Then provide a potential strategy you can use to reduce or alleviate that stress.

Add more cells to include additional stressors.

Hindrance Stressors

Coping Strategy

Ideas: We approve approaches like StruggleCare + the principles of Lazy Genius as both are very tightly aligned to a values-based existence even if they’re championed by accidental practitioners of these science-backed ideas (a values-based existence can be a game changer in terms of leading to personal fulfillment and high well-being in work and life. Mark Manson writes about this in a very relatable way, but cites his sources, so we approve of him too if you want to get an overview of these ideas.) We all know what we’re supposed to do, but that doesn’t make it attainable or something we will follow through with – so look for your ways that WILL work for you. If you’re new to considering your values and want to look into it, VIA Character Strengths has decent validity (for your top ones in the list, not what goes toward the bottom – typical for these scales).


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