Recruitment and selction (HRM)

The dissertation is for my Masters degree in HRM.The topic title chosen is “How has Graduaterecruitment and selection been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic”The main aims in brief for the project are:To find and analyse pre-pandemic and post-pandemic data fromgraduates that were recruited before and after the pandemic, treating them as separateentities in the data collection section.The data collection is preferably in the form of a survey/questionnaireand is required to be distributed to roughly 150 graduates and preferably a50:50 split of pre and post pandemic graduates. (I have attached a little template)Chapter 1 Introduction: 1000 wordsChapter 2 Literature review: 4000 wordsThe literature review needs to be broken down in thesepreferable sections –2.1 Recruitment (general research)2.2 Selection (General research)2.3 Post pandemic recruitment and selection practices2.4 How were pr-pandemic practices of recruitment and selectionChapter 3 Methadology: 1000 wordsFollow usual methodology structure that is preferred byyourselves however make it clear about the survey (As mentioned in the datacollection tips above)Research some articles that show how social media is used tocollect data as preferably I would have personally collected data usinglinkedin or some form of social media from graduates.Since the data collection respondants are to PRE-PANDEMIC andPOST-PANDEMIC GRADUATES – find a suitable way to collect data from them (especiallyif you can’t use social media to find them) and remember it is around 150respondants required minimum and 50:50 split of pre and post pandemic graduates.Chapter 4 Findings/results: 3000 wordsChapter 5 discussion and conclusion: 1500 wordsBibliography: 1500 wordsQuestionairre/ survey draft: ( could slightly changeif felt necessary)Demographics:1)Gender: Male/Female2)Education level: Completed a diploma/ completeda degree (Bachelors or equivalent)/ Completed postgrad3)Year graduated (recent degree if multiple):