Reading Homework

I’m studying and need help with a History question to help me learn.

Please consider the following questions in regards to your reading of “Revolutionary Activity” in Building the Great Society by Joshua Zeitz. Provide a page number for where you found your answers in the text. Quotes are not necessary.

What did the Economic Opportunities Act establish and was its goal?
What were community action programs? What did they aim to do and what was their actual result? What were the pros and cons of the program?
What was problematic about the phrase, “Maximum feasible participation?” What did this initiative cause?
What was Head Start? Why is it viewed as a success among Great Society programs?
What tensions (opposing perspectives/ideals) does the chapter reveal about the War on Poverty? Surmise on how these reflect the Great Society as a whole. (This question does not require a citation.)

make sure to write the page number.

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