Reaction Paper Chp.1

Pollock, Joycelyn M. (2019). Ethical Dilemmas and Decisionsin Criminal Justice (10th ed.). Boston, MA: CengagePublishing.
As Specifically, students are to write a 2-page reaction papers. Reaction papers should be no less than 2-pages and should not exceed 2-pagess.These are reaction papers, therefore, you are to REACT to the information in the chapter you are writing the reaction paper on for that specific week. Include your thoughts/opinions on some points made by the author. For example, what are your thoughts and views on the topic/s or information presented by the author? What critical points did the author addressed and why are they important to you? Do you agree with the author’s points/ information included in the chapter, why or why not? Do not tell me what the chapter is about, therefore, you will be graded on your thoughts, opinions, and arguments in your reaction paper. I advise to include many several “I agree, I disagree, I find it interesting when the author mentions _______ because…”The format of your reaction papers is: double-spaced, 12 pt. font, APA, and in Times New Roman font. On your cover page, include your name, class, date, and the number of reaction paper you are writing and over what chapter. A reference page is not required.