Railway Bogie Simulation

1 Develop a way to characterise and quantify the stability of the bogie, both considering the safety of the vehicle and the comfort of the passengers.2 Show how changing the parameters of the simulation affects the stability of the bogie.3 Find or estimate appropriate values for the wheelbase, masses and moments of inertia (the default values are just guesses), justifying your choices, and determine suitable spring stiffness values that maximise stability.Pages should be numbered. Main report (not including title/cover page, references and appendices, if any) should be no more than six pages. (A table of contents is not required.)A short abstract (one paragraph) that describes the problem, outlines the approach, and summarises the key conclusions.Clear structure: Introduction / Methodology / Results & Discussion / ConclusionsFonts, line spacing and paragraph styles should be consistent. Text in figures, tables and equations should be readable and not overly large. Non-symbols in equations should not be in italics. Units should not be in italics. Do not use bold or underline for emphasis.All tables and figures should be numbered and have descriptive captions. Tables are not figures. Graphs and charts and images and sketches and photos, etc., are all figures.Equations, ideally (but not necessarily), should be numbered also, at the right⇢(1)Space is limited and should not be wasted. Choose carefully what results should be presented. Figures should not be squashed down just to squeeze more in (and should never be stretched – this looks awful). Consider whether multiple figures can instead be merged, and add legends/annotation to identify curves and explain key features.Avoid first person and narrative.The main purpose of this coursework is data analysis. There are multiple input parameters that can be varied, and multiple output data values that can be plotted. There are multiple ways to interpret the data. There is no single correct solution.Define – and justify! – a way to quantify vehicle stability, i.e., which are the most critical output data and how can you reduce these to a simple number?Determine – with justification! – a set of input parameters that maximise stability.This is not a Matlab exercise. It may be easier to analyse the data in Matlab and plot the results in Excel, but it is possible to use Excel for analysis and it is possible to use Matlab for plotting.Marks awarded based on how convincing the arguments are.