Putting It All Together: Brief Report #2 Instructions STEP 1: Re-read your text’

Putting It All Together: Brief Report #2
STEP 1: Re-read your text’s descriptions of the Confirmation Bias, Dialectical Reasoning and Cognitive Dissonance in Chapter 7. 
STEP 2: To successfully complete this learning unit, watch this episode (in its entirety) from the Frontline series: Frontline League of Denial (Links to an external site.)
STEP 3: Write a 250-350 word (maximum) brief report on the NFL CTE case. In your brief report, address each of the following questions below: 
1. Describe examples of how the NFL focused on preferred information and aggressively countered dis-preferred information as the controversy unfolded (i.e., exhibited the confirmation bias and a failure to use dialectical reasoning).
2. Describe how officials and doctors with the NFL demonstrated evidence of cognitive dissonance and how they went about resolving that dissonance. That is, what evidence of self-justification of their position on CTE did you observe? 
Make sure to refer to information presented throughout the video, that is, your report should make clear that you watched the entire video. 
This is a brief report, not an essay so please address each question directly– you do not need to include introductory information, etc.
Before submitting your report: make sure to revisit the above 2 questions to make sure you have answered all of them as posed