Public Administration Approach Review

A four-page presentation in which you synthesize how social construction, working with culture, and the role of street level bureaucrats together form the basis for a people-focused bottom-up approach to creating a more effective public sector for the greater society. In what ways do the three perspectives flow together? Finally, how do the ideas expressed in the course suggest the potential for leadership willing to challenge status quo thinking and put new systems and processes in place? 1. Includes specific concepts from reading2. Provides personal analysis and evaluation 3. Synthesizes the themes/concepts of the three texts4. Indicates relevance of material to leadership in public admin. 5. Writing is well organized, flows well with minimal errors/typos
An Invitation to Social Construction, 3rd ed.Kenneth J. GergenISBN – 978-1-4462-9647-9Sage, 2015Working with Culture; The Way the Job GetsDone in Public ProgramsAnne M. KhademianISBN – 1-56802-687-0CQ Press, 2002Street-Level Bureaucracy, Dilemmas of the Individual in Public Services, Updated Ed., 2010Michael LipskyISBN – 978-0-87154-544-2Russell Sage Foundation