PUB215 Public Health Practice: Public Health Challenges| Essay

In this task, you have been provided with a background to the nature of ethics in general and how certain ethical concepts are central to work in public health. Ethics explores what we should do and the reasons and arguments that justify the views that we wish to defend. Public health is an activity or practice that is animated by strong ethical and political commitments. It is important that we recognise this, make such assumptions explicit, and have the ability to defend them when they are challenged.

In this essay, please choose one of the following public health challenges: climate change; OR infectious disease; OR chronic disease; OR mental health. How is this challenge approached at present, in Australia? describe this approach.

It will be helpful if you use a specific example of one of these categories (eg if you have chosen infectious disease, you might write specifically about measles; or HIV; or Ross River virus; if chronic disease, you might choose chronic kidney disease; or asthma.)

Now, in your essay, (a) state clearly the ethical assumptions that underpin this approach, and

(b) use ethical concepts and arguments –no more than two –to provide either a critique or a justification of this approach. What are the objections to your argument and how can you overcome them?