Psychology Statistics 60 minutes 29 Multiple choice questions

Review and study all attached material
Then send to me a time and date between Wednesday November 17 and Saturday November 20 of when you will be available to contact me to present to you the unknown 29 questions to complete within 60 minutes.
I will only have one attempt to open the questions and complete within the time limit of 60 minutes.
questions-3 will consist of 4 chapters: Chapters 13,15,16 and 18. It will have a combination of conceptual and computational questions, all in multiple choice format. To prepare for the test, make sure you solve all the questions on your workbook on Bb, and answer the old exam questions (see Workbook & Sample Tests on Bb). questions-3 will be similar those questions in terms of content, however your exam will be in multiple choice format.In terms of computations, I tend to keep my final answers in two decimal format (while keeping all the intermediate steps as is). No worries about rounding issues on the exam, as you will have clear cut answers.Similar to questions#1 and questions#2, the exam is intended to be closed book/notes. All the tables and formulas will be provided during questions window time frame. However, I would strongly recommend that you print a copy of those (Z-table, t-table, F-table, Power table and the formula sheet) and make them ready before starting your questions window time frame. Please do not forget your calculators!You will have 60 minutes to complete your questions window time frame. Please do not treat this questions window time frame an open/book note questions window time frame. Time will not be enough to try to look up answers or figure out solutions. So, study well!While studying for the questions window time frame, please do not focus only on the computational questions. On the questions window time frame you will have a combination of conceptual and computational questions (see Bb for the samples and workbook questions I provided for you).Your questions window time frame will become available to you on Wednesday and you can take it anytime till SaturdaySaturday November 20 11:59pm.