Psychology: Memory

Imagine a friend or classmate tells you “Gosh, I have such a terrible memory!” Based on what you learned in the modules and your textbook –>

Choose a memory or learning technique from the following:

Context-dependent learning
State-dependent learning
Self-referential learning
a) Thoroughly define and describe the memory/learning technique that you chose – make it lengthy

b) Use one of these five techniques as a study tool for the exam.

Choose any chapter from our lectures thus far (Psychological Research, Biopsychology, States of Consciousness, Thinking and Intelligence, or any other chapter)
2. Discuss how the memory/learning technique will help you remember the terms/theories from the chapter you chose. This part of the answer must be 10 or more lengthy sentences.

3. Describe how you have used this or another technique in the past (for example, how you remember names at work)

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