PSY204 Social Psychology and Prescribing Medications


Drug treatment of preschoolers diagnosed with ADHD has raised serious ethical questions. Leo (2002) suggested that prescribing medications to three-year-olds to help them do better in preschool is a major ethical concern will have lasting consequences in American society. Explore these websites on ADHD to learn more about prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) What is your opinion about the widespread use of Ritalin and other drugs in children for ADHD-related symptoms? Do you think drugs are over-prescribed? Briefly explain your answer. What treatment methods would you want to consider if your child were diagnosed with ADHD? Research suggests that far more boys are diagnosed with ADHD than girls. What do you think contributes to this gender difference? Research also suggests that girls are significantly less likely to experience comorbid disorders such as major depression, conduct disorder, or oppositional defiant disorder.