PSY204 Social Psychology and Behavioral Modification


Discussion Group 1 Please answer each of my questions using complete sentences. Remember to number your responses. Also, reply to at least 2 of your peers by Friday, using the 3C + Q method. Please do NOT submit your posts as attachments. Individuals with pedophilic disorder often report being sexually abused as children. Many researchers dispute these claims, calling them excuses for inappropriate behavior. Do you believe that pedophiles are more likely to have been abused? Explain your answer. How would you respond if a long-time friend told you that they were having vague recollections of sexual abuse? Many state departments of corrections have discontinued treatment programs (e.g., intensive behavioral modification) for people with pedophilic disorder. What do you think about the failure of prisons to provide treatment for these offenders? What do you think about the sex offender registries put online by state governments that list names and addresses of convicted sex offenders? What are the arguments for and against the sex offender registries?