Psalms 1-2 As the Introduction to the Psalter

This paper is to answer the question: “In what way do Psalms 1-2 function as an introduction to the book of Psalms?”

This is a research paper requiring careful interaction with the provided research materials (found in the folder on the eLearning page under this assignment). You must cite at least four of the required research materials in your paper.

Your paper should include discussion of the suggestions of the scholars on the significance of Psalms 1 and 2 being at the beginning of the book. Your assignment is not simply to discuss what these psalms are about, but instead to discuss how they might guide or influence our reading of the Psalms as a whole. At some point in your discussion, demonstrate where scholars disagree on this issue and explain what arguments they make in support of their positions. After reviewing the suggestions of the scholars, draw your own conclusions as to the significance of these psalms being placed at the beginning of the book.

The body of the paper needs to be approximately three pages (lengthy introductions do not count toward this page-count), and conform to the paper guidelines in MLA format.