From Professor Amparo: 
Thesis. Theme:
Title: Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies. 
Table of Contents : 
-Side Effects. 
-Adverse Effects. 
-Pharmacological Pain Management. 
-Central Venous Access Devices. 
-Dosage Calculation. 
-Expected Actions/ Outcomes. 
-Medication Administration. 
-Parenteral / Intravenous Therapies. 

Your Leadership presentation :
Thesis Title :———- 
-Power point 50 slides. 
Slide 1
-Presentation Title, -Student name,
-School name, -Professor name. 
Slide 2:
-Table of Contents. 
Slide 3:
-From Slide 4 to 50:
Class, explanation,information ,pictures. 
-Finally in Word 
Test with 20 questions with Rationale focus in Nclex.
-Focus NCLEX 
Thank you.