Program / Liner Notes for pianist

Write 600 words essay of Program Notes/ Liner Notes.
The music you have selected for your performance assessment will inform what you write about, and how you write about it. You may choose to write about your program as a whole, or to select particular works (minimum of two works required). You will be assessed on both the content and quality/structure of your writing.

Task detail
• Word count: 600 words. It is common in the industry to be given fixed, maximum word counts for program notes, liner notes, biographies, artist statements etc. Therefore, 10% less than this word count is acceptable, but not 10% more than. You will lose marks if you go over the 600 word limit.
• Language: You must write your programme notes for a musically literate general audience. For example, if you are a pianist, consider an audience that includes people with some musical knowledge, but remember it is not an audience of professional pianists.
• You should use language that a musically literate general audience can understand, however be aware of highly specialised terms and/or explain any highly specialised terms you use.
• Make sure your programme notes have a narrative. Weave your references into this narrative, rather than simply listing facts.
• Using metaphors and artistic adjectives can be helpful … but don’t overdo it! This is not a creative writing task.
• Avoid colloquial language: academic language is required.
• Write from the third person perspective.
• Common errors to avoid:
• Concise language is very important: don’t waste your word count on redundant words
or repetition! For example, very first, free gift, final ending, shining, sparkling light,
reason why, etc.
• If you state something is important / characteristic of / influential, remember to state
why it is important / characteristic of / influential.
• Punctuation matters! If you use American spelling, use American quotation marks:
“color”. If you use Australian/Commonwealth spelling, use Commonwealth punctuation marks: ‘colour’. No rogue apostrophes please: eg 1990s, not 1990’s.
References: A minimum of two references are required. Program notes should be as well researched as any other piece of writing you produce. Please use the APA referencing system.